A brief chronicle of my new life in Michigan, focusing on the fact that I live in a converted factory loft building with several hundered other "young professionals." Yeah, it's a yuppie dorm.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

The Trouble With Moving

...is that it's terribly hard to update a blog when one's computer is in boxes and Internet access is spotty.

The brief version (to be expanded upon later) is that I have officially moved into the Yuppie Dorm, all went reasonably well, and I'm back in my previous locale for a couple of weeks to wrap things up, make a bit more money, and spend some more quality time with my boyfriend.

From first impressions, the yuppieness of the yuppie dorm is not abated.

Thursday, July 15, 2004


Last night, I disovered that there is spontaneous joy in the whole end-of-dissertation process. It's call printing the thing out. I spent several hours with the laser printers, printing out three copies on the special, 100% cotton paper for the ones for the university, and several copies for others on less-expensive and less-printer-jamming acid-free paper. Then came the stacks on the table, and the realization that I wrote that whole thing. Carrying a box of paper out to my car was much more weighty (literally) than sitting through my defense.

So, today it's off to the bindery.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Dr. Rachel, Ph.D.

Well, I defended. And they (my committee) signed the acceptance sheet, which signifies that they approve my candidacy and the dissertation that accompanied it.

Which deserves a great "Hurrah!" and I was duly lauded so on Friday night by friends. Yet it was, all told, so anticlimactic. I expected that; I was advised that, "the defense is a formality," and "If they weren't going to approve it, they wouldn't have let the defense go on." So I was prepared for success. In fact, a lack of success would have been much more surprising. Yet (as most recognized overachievers know) there is a decided lack of spontaneous joy in doing the expected.

Add to that my anxiety about getting all the paperwork in, doing revisions (which have not yet been made known to me by my director; only that they will be e-mailed to me "soon.") and knowing that I have to get the final printed copy to the Graduate School before I move so I can have the degree granted by the end of July so I can be hired at the appropriate rank... and I still have the pit-of-the-stomach dread in the morning. I think that the act of printing off the final copy and turning it in to an administrative assistant will be somehow more psychically fulfilling.

At least I hope so.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

New Life, Coming Soon

In about ten days, I'll be moving. I've named my destination the "Yuppie Dorm." Hence the title for this blog. I hope to chronicle my mental journey of coming to terms with the fact that I'm a (relatively) young (quasi) urban professional* who will be living in a large apartment complex filled with more of the same.

So, I'm not strictly "living" in the YD yet. I've got a dissertation to defend tomorrow, and a lot of books to pack. I've got nine years of graduate-studentdom to sort through and edit. Hopefully, I'll also have some celebrating to do (see above on the dissertation defense) and not a whole lot of edits to rush through.

Here's hoping that the new life will be as rewarding and fulfilling as the old.

*No qualifier for the professional part. If a PhD doesn't make me a professional something, I don't know what would.