A brief chronicle of my new life in Michigan, focusing on the fact that I live in a converted factory loft building with several hundered other "young professionals." Yeah, it's a yuppie dorm.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Random Good Day

You know, sometimes I'd like to be able to blog about what I do during the day. Not because it's exciting, but because it just sometimes turns out better than what I expected. I've been traveling the past two weekends, and thus was severely short on prep time. But after I taught today, I found that I'm not only pretty well caught up, I'm pretty well set for the rest of the week. Pretty nice for a Tuesday. I'm not at a lack of "things to do" - my research life is very behind schedule, and I'm frankly a little panicked about a conference paper I have to give in early March. But this week, it's good.

It's enough that I'm going to let myself have the evening off (with the exception of finishing up A Midsummer Night's Dream, which is so fun as to barely be work) and watch TV and sew. Or whatever. Just not work.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Back from the Weekend

Well, the Open House went wonderfully... I was in efficient, event-organizing mode for all of Saturday, and it really didn't wear off until today, which was a driving-north day. It really is a boring drive, especially when it is grey, snowy, and plain dreary. I was looking forward to lunch at Schlotsky's deli in Kokomo (one of the few nice things about Kokomo) and discovered that it had gone out of business. Now there is officially nothing good left about Kokomo, in my drive-through opinion.

Now I have to morph back into teaching/academic mode... I'd rather take a nap, frankly!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Still Here

I haven't felt like writing lately - not depressed, just busy writing other things. Like an article, lesson plans, that sort of thing. I've just not felt that I had something to say to the world quite right now.

But I'm going to be in Bloomington this weekend, helping Matt with his open house -- the houses are going to start to be built soon! And his website's really pretty: South Dunn Street (the green logo designed by me, thank you very much!).