A brief chronicle of my new life in Michigan, focusing on the fact that I live in a converted factory loft building with several hundered other "young professionals." Yeah, it's a yuppie dorm.

Monday, August 08, 2005

More Tales from the Kitchen Front

Successful cooking today. I got up and went to a wonderful local market called Kingma's, got potatoes, celery, and a carton of brown eggs and a few other things to make a potato salad in the style of my mother and grandmother (a style characterized by a LOT of mustard. 1/3 of a cup, to be exact. And onion. I like my potato salad crunchy and with a bite.) I had a potluck to go to this evening, and it's August. Potato salad. It came out great, so I decided to make a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies too. The first set had the problem I've been noticing in my cookies lately -- they get all flat and runny and essentially spread out over the pan rather than puff up, cookielike. Today I finally figured out the problem: my flour was old. I have a big plastic tub of flour that I think I've just been adding flour to for the past few years. This is fine when I'm in the top portion of the tub, but I've been making way way down to the bottom and using old flour. Not good! So I dumped the whole tub, mixed some fresh flour into the rest of the batter, and had much more puffy cookies for the second two dozen. And I stuck a piece of tape on the flour tub with today's date, to remind me not to use old flour again.

I'm now looking at my spice cabinet and wondering how old some of those things are... might be time to restock.