A brief chronicle of my new life in Michigan, focusing on the fact that I live in a converted factory loft building with several hundered other "young professionals." Yeah, it's a yuppie dorm.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Yes, I did pay the rent. And the AC is back

I checked with the Yuppie Dorm office this morning, and they had indeed messed up; my rent was credited to the account of someone who has the same (rather common) last name that I have. They compared check numbers to the copy of the deposited check I brought in, and lo and behold, the numbers matched. Luckily, they're so disorganized that they hadn't even made a note on my account, let alone reported it to anyone. As for the series of phone calls that were on my answering machine, I cleared up (hopefully) the last of them, and talked to a very nice woman who was profoundly glad I wasn't yelling at her, or denying that I owed money, etc. She actually had no record of my phone number, so that one was probably a wrong number.

And the air conditioning in my office is working really well, now that the weather outside is nice and cool. I've been rearranging my shelves, sorting through piles of papers and files, and generally making my office feel less like the dumping ground it was during the no-air days.

As Matt would no doubt tell me, I worry too much.